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Classic cheese souffle (Gordon Ramsay)

kept byIDoDoodles

Follow Gordon Ramsay's simple tips and you’ll make perfectly risen soufflés every time.

Serves 4
Prep 30 mins
Cook 45 - 55 mins

Per serving:
686 kcalories, protein 38g, carbohydrate 18g, fat 52 g, saturated fat 28g, fibre 0.6g, sugar 8g, salt 2.15 g


Gordon's tips:
Eggs are critical for your soufflé to rise properly. Make sure you beat yolks into the hot base mixture 1-2 mins after cooking, then allow to cool. Beat the whites to stiff, but not dry, peaks. Add the whisked egg whites in two stages - a third beaten into the base to loosen it, and the rest gently folded in. This stops the mixture from splitting.

Gordon's tips:
Use a balloon whisk and spatula for mixing bases, and an electric mixer for firm egg whites. The slightest amount of grease prevents egg whites firming; a clean bowl and a squeeze of lemon juice rubbed around cleans it sufficiently.

Gordon's tips:
It's essential to heat the oven before baking and get the oven shelf position sorted first. Don't open the oven door until almost the end of cooking. A cooked soufflé can be left in the oven for a few extra minutes if the temperature is turned right down.

For the base of a savoury soufflé:
Make a flour and butter paste (a beurre manié). This is whisked into hot, well-flavoured milk - add extra flavour with curry spice, paprika or cayenne. Beurre manié paste can be made in bulk, rolled into a sausage and chilled or frozen. Then you can cut chunks to use for other soufflés.

Gordon's tips:
I add extra flavour with chunks of ripe brie or wilted spinach for savoury soufflés, and fruit purées on the base of sweet ones.

To make a sweet soufflé:
Use a base of crème patisserie - a thick egg yolk and flour custard. To prevent it boiling too soon, add a little sugar to the milk while it heats.

To help the mixture rise:
Brush the dish sides with softened butter, using even, upward brush strokes (from bottom of dish to rim - see step 4). If you like, chill to set, brush again with more butter, then coat in grated parmesan and coarsely ground black pepper. For sweet soufflés, use ground nuts or grated chocolate. Chill the coated dish to set before filling.


75g butter , softened
50g flour
500ml milk
1 small onion , chopped
1 star anise
3 cloves
1 bay leaf
6 eggs , separated
100g mature Gruyère , coarsely grated, plus 15g slice
100g mature cheddar , coarsely grated
85g well-aged parmesan , grated
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp mustard powder
squeeze lemon juice
100g ripe brie , cut into chunks



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