please give credit

The more credit we give, the more inspiring cooking content we’ll see.
Kindly give your recipe sources credit, so we can support them.


  * Saved from: For most blogs and copyrighted content

    Created by me, for all: For your original recipes, or if you’re a blogger

    Adapted from: For when you significantly change a recipe.

    Inspired by: For when you base a recipe on another.

    From the box: For recipes publicly printed on boxes, bags, inserts, etc

    Reprinted with permission: For when you have the publisher’s license

  * Created by me, for me: For when you must keep directions private

* You’ll see your full recipes. To see directions and some photos, your friends and fellow members may need to visit a link or ask you for your recipe.

Our sourcing was informed by discussions with bloggers, book publishers, members, food brands, and lawyers. For more information, read about recipe attribution practices, how ingredients are not copyrighted, and how consumers can time & place shift content for personal, non commercial use. Questions? learn more about our guidelines, terms and DMCA compliance, or contact us.

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