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1 Minute Muffin & Variations

kept byPhil

1/4 cup Flax Meal
1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 packet Splenda
1 teaspoon Cinamon
1 Egg
1-2 teaspoons Butter

Mix the dry ingredients in a large coffe cup. Add egg and butter; mix well. Microwave for 50-seconds to 1-minute. Muffin pops right out.


---more variations--

.   Melt 1 T butter in a coffee cup or measuring cup.
.   Mix in ¼ cup flaxseed meal, (can use almond meal, oat fiber, coconut flour or a  mixture, i.e. half flax, half almond)
.   ½ tsp baking powder
.   1 egg
.   Sweetener (to personal taste): 1 tsp xylitol or 1-2 Spenda pkts or 1 T S/F flavored syrup (Torani/Da Vinci)

Mix well – microwave approximately 50-60 seconds (depending on micro wattage).  Turn out and let cool.  Muffin top should look shiny and a little moist. Serve w/butter or cream cheese while warm or plastic wrap for later.

                        To get you started, here are a few ideas...

Banana Bread Muffin:  Add cinnamon/nutmeg, S/F Banana Syrup/extract, and nuts
Breakfast Muffin:  Add cinnamon, vanilla,
Spice Muffin:  Add cinnamon, allspice, and cloves
Cheese Muffin:  Add garlic powder and cheese of choice. 
Chocolate-Raspberry Muffin:  add S/F Chocolate and Raspberry syrups, and a cream cheese cube in the center.             

Chocolate Lava Muffin:  An individual Happy Birthday Cake (for the person looking for a recipe a while back!!)

1/4 Cup Almond Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 Tbsp Splenda (more or less), (probably less if using Xylitol)
2 tsp. Torani Chocolate SF Syrup
1 Tbsp unsweetened Baking Cocoa (mine has 1 carb per Tbsp)
1 Egg
2 tsp. Butter or Olive Oil
2 pieces S/F Chocolate Candy on top of mixture.

Pumpkin Pie Muffin:  Add 1 tsp Pumpkin spice and ½ tsp cinnamon
Stuffing Muffin:  Replace sweetener & cinnamon with poultry seasoning & salt.

                                                  Now MORE ideas...
Nuke the mixture in a rectangular or square plastic container.  Cool and slice horizontally to make Sandwich Bread!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!  Now we can make grilled cheese; Reuben’s; egg salad; fried egg/bacon; BLTs, etc..  OR, dip slices in an egg/cream/cinnamon mixture and fry to make FRENCH TOAST, and top with S/F Maple Syrup!  Someone even made waffles with the original mixture!

Nuke in a round container (like the coffee mug), cool and slice horizontally.  Now we have a hamburger/sandwich bun; or the foundation for a McMuffin – I personally am looking forward to turning my faux English muffin into a Tuna Melt!!

                                             More Tips/Ideas found on an old, Low-Carb board: 

SANDWICH/BREAD/ROLLS:  “I make these, split the recipe between two square dishes and make 2 buns suitable for sandwiches, once sliced. For turkey sandwiches I add crushed red pepper, PARM, ITALIAN SEASONING, onion powder or garlic powder to the OMM (One Minute Muffin) recipe. I also add dill seed, celery seed, and coarse sea salt to the tops for all kinds of sandwiches.  This recipe is a lifesaver to anybody who misses bread.  I also use golden flax seed for a mellow yellow color.  Remember when you remove from dish, turn bread over to dry out the bottom if a little wet. I store mine in ziploc baggies.”

3-Minute LOAF:

“This is basically the "1-minute muffin" recipe, but tripled, made savory and cooked for 3-minutes.

3/4 Cup Flax meal
1 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
2 tsp. Mrs. Dash, or Italian Blend Seasoning
3 Large Eggs
3 Tbsp. Olive Oil
Sprinkle of Parmesean on top

Mix the dry ingredients in a loaf dish (like the holiday-size, banana nut bread, etc.). Add eggs and oil, mixing very well. I notice that if the dry ingredients are not thoroughly mixed, or the wet-big pockets are left in the bread, so mix it up good! Sprinkle Parmesean Cheese on top. Microwave for about 3-minutes, my microwave takes 2:50 to complete.

Pop out of the baking dish. Slice the loaf in half. Then slice each half in half, making 4 slices total. Each slice should have 1.13 total net carbs, or each complete sandwich should have 2.25 total net carbs. Each slice is about 3/4 inch thick.  This is a keeper! Next time, I'll top it with some sunflower seeds, maybe some celery seeds or a very light sprinkling of oats.”



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