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I don’t know how to match the three meals for weight loss

Recipe bymadisond

We all know that weight loss is mainly to regulate our diet, ultimately reduce energy intake, and ultimately create an appropriate energy gap.


To regulate our diet, in fact, there are two main aspects, one is to control the type of diet, and the other is to control the amount of food.

Controlling the types of food is mainly based on these three principles: oil control, sugar control, and salt control

We mentioned earlier that our main energy supply materials are carbohydrate and fat, so we mainly need to control the intake of carbohydrate and fatty foods. Although salt is not an energy substance, too much intake and too salty diet will cause water retention in the body, forming edema, and affecting the effect of weight loss. At the same time, too much salt can easily lead to high blood pressure

Our diet mainly includes three aspects: staple food + meat + vegetables.

The staple food mainly provides carbohydrate, meat mainly provides protein and fat, and vegetables mainly provide dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. If we want to control the intake of carbohydrate and fat, we must eat the staple food reasonably. Choose lean meat for meat and vegetables. Some foods with high carbon content, such as potatoes, yams, lotus roots, taro, etc., must be controlled in intake. If you eat them, do not eat staple foods. They can directly replace staple foods.

The carbohydrate besides meals is mainly a variety of desserts and sugary drinks. Therefore, if the foods other than three meals during the weight loss period are high in sugar, you must remember to eat less.

The staple food we eat now is mainly fine rice noodles. Relatively speaking, the nutritional value will be more single, and the glycemic index will be high, which means that the glucose that is broken down after eating is easily absorbed into the blood, and the blood sugar will rise rapidly. As a result, excessive secretion of insulin will result in rapid lowering of blood sugar, the body will be in a state of low blood sugar, it is easy to be hungry, and it is easy to cause insulin resistance. Therefore, our staple foods must also be reasonably selected to ensure stable fluctuations in blood sugar and more comprehensive nutrition, such as various beans, potatoes, and whole grains.

Meat includes lean meat, fatty meat, and offal. Fat and offal have higher fat content. We have to control the intake of fat. In addition, fatty meat is animal fat and contains saturated fatty acids. More will also affect your health. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce or even not eat fat during the weight loss period, and the internal organs can be appropriately eaten to supplement some minerals. But the visceral cholesterol is very high, you can eat but eat less.

In the end, vegetables are basically edible, except those with higher starch content, such as potatoes, yams, lotus roots, taro and so on. Eating them does not eat the staple food, they are equivalent to the staple food.

Finally, there is one more thing to do, and that is to drink plenty of water. Water is the most abundant substance in our body, accounting for about 60% to 70%. The lack of water and the inability of the body to function normally will affect the overall metabolism, including our fat catabolism. At the same time, water has a feeling of fullness. Many times when you are hungry, it is not really hungry. It may be thirsty. Drinking some water can relieve it. After all, water has no energy. Fat. In addition, drinking water can moisturize the intestines, help dilute the fat in the intestines, and promote intestinal peristalsis. Finally, you need to collect water during the drinking process. If you drink too much water, you want to go to the toilet. This can avoid sitting for a long time and increase energy consumption.Read more at: womens formal dresses | long evening dresses australia




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