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The Many Uses for Rice Flour

Recipe byAndrewWillie

The Many Uses for Rice Flour


Rice Flour

Rice flour is a product that can be used as a substitute for traditional wheat flour. Some individuals use this product because it is easier to digest than the traditional flour is, and they also like the fact that it is milder and lighter than the wheat version is.
  This food product is a staple in homes and restaurants in Japan, Southeast Asia, Thailand, and India. Traditionally in these countries Rice flour is used when making noodles and in many of the desserts they cook. But with the development of technology, when even ordinary chats are moving into video chats (, everything  becomes more accessible. The Western world has the problem with locating a food supplier that offers this item because it was not until the 1980s that this part of the world realized the many different uses there was for this food product. The larger cities will have places that sell this item, but in some of the smaller towns the grocery stores are limited in the amount of shelf space they have so they do not carry exotic items such as this. This item is frequently used in the creation of food for babies due to the fact that it is so much easier to digest than wheat flour is. The manufacturers of the baby food use Rice flour to make their foods thicker, and as a substitute for the heavier wheat version. You will also find that the favorite cereal that is known for its snap, crackle, and pop, contains Rice flour. When used as a substitute for flours made of wheat, barley, oats, or any other grain the standard measure will remain basically a cup for cup substitution. The flour is actually raw rice that has been ground into a fine powder and this leaves you with a more refined food product. This ingredient is incorporated into many different things we buy like chips, crackers, cereals, and other snacks we enjoy. Once chefs discovered that when they used this item as a substitute for the wheat version their creations came out lighter and fluffier the use of the item became much more frequent. This product is frequently used when a cool is designing a coating batter to fry foods like chicken, fish, or vegetables in. Generally it is made from the long grain rice, but there are different types of flour created by using the different types of rice that is available.



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