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We enjoy cooking from scratch with little or no processed ingredients. It's healthier, tastier and cheaper too!
Hi, I'm Rochele. I love to cook and bake and I'm always searching for tasty, wholesome recipes. Not everything has to be wholesome, just most of it. I must admit, I do substitute ingredients if I think it won't compromise the flavour and texture too much to make it better for you. I cook most evenings, and breakfast and lunch are prepared from home as well. I'm proud of that fact that I know about everything we eat and there is no mystery to our meals. I love cooking with my mom. Once a month we get together and make a few large batches of something and we freeze it so we can enjoy it later and not have to dine out or order in. Everything I know about cooking and baking I learned from my momma. Bragging rights: my Yorkshire puddings/pop overs always rise. I'm continually learning and expanding my recipe box. is an excellent resource for browsing for recipes, and thank goodness for Keep Recipes because I often bookmark recipes at work, and I forget to email them to myself for when I get home. Cheers! I also have a not-so-polite Twitter account, and you are welcome to check that out.
Host of "The Feed with HPG", a healthy cooking web show, and Creator of Go Feed Yourself - a digital program teaching you how to make fast, healthy meals that keep you focused and productive!
Joe and Adrienne are avid eaters, cookers and NYC food adventurers. They recently created Cheazza, a free iPhone app highlighting NYC's best cheap pizza.
I love to cook fresh, delicious meals and take inspiration from my local Southern California farmers' markets. I tend to cook by smell/taste/touch more so than exact measurement, so I apologize for some of my recipes lacking strict quantities of ingredients. Many of the original recipes here are creations I've whipped up in my kitchen, often inspired by tastes I grew up with, delicacies I've sampled in restaurants or recipes I've read over the years.
Digital Director (editorial) for FITNESS Magazine. Also interested in karma, candy, and dresses.
KeepRecipes Designer & Cooking Muse endeavoring to make KeepRecipes work well for cooks everywhere. I like to cook decadently healthy meals using home grown veggies & herbs. I think I was Chinese in a past life because if I was trapped on a desert island I'd have to have soy sauce, garlic and chiles. Secretly thinking of abandoning design to become a full time food blogger.
I'm Brit, an ex-Googler and entrepreneur with a love for finding and creating things that make living more simple, creative, and fun.
I eat. A lot. Sometimes healthy, sometimes not. I like to think of myself as a foodie but acknowledge how freaking pretentious that sounds. I really love french fries and bacon but am learning to enjoy vegetables, too. I cook, like, every night. Feel free to come join me for dinner. I drink. With enthusiasm! I’m a pro at raiding the Trader Joe’s wine aisle and the single-beer-bottle section at the local liquor warehouse. A meal is incomplete without a wine or beer pairing, if you ask me. I run. Because I’ve been doing it forever? Since my first day of cross-country practice my freshman year of high school, I’ve been hooked. 17 years later, I can’t imagine my life without a daily run. Nerd alert: I genuinely love track workouts.
Leanne received her formal culinary training at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX where she specialized in the Eastern, plant-centric culinary traditions of Macrobiotics and Ayurveda. Her favorite culinary destination is Japan, where she especially loves their culture of cooking with the seasons and their artful precision in preparing & presenting food. She is currently working on a children’s cookbook that is rich with images & analogies about choosing foods that keep us in balance with nature.
Co-Founder of KeepRecipes. Love pork and cocktails. Eating a low gluten, lactose free diet similar to Paleo and Slow Carb/#4HB.
Inspiring every cook with vegan delights. Encouraging eating a plant based diet for physical health and environmental friendliness.
Cocktails and dreams. From classics to the avant garde.
Fresh ideas for slow carb recipes. Hold the dairy and gluten. Go long on legumes and wild protein. Inspired by Tim Ferris.
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