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7 tips for creating a 'light Ripeness

Recipe bymadisond

The girl of different age group, have different temperament feeling.


Want to make a temperament that belongs to oneself quickly, need us to find the dress style that suits oneself accurately above all, and light ripe wind is a kind of very suit the style of sister of 30 years old or so.

  2. The girl of different age group, have different temperament feeling. Want to make a temperament that belongs to oneself quickly, need us to find the dress style that suits oneself accurately above all, and light ripe wind is a kind of very suit the style of sister of 30 years old or so. So, want to make a senior generous light ripe feeling to wear, how should do again? In this episode, Lo Jiang brings you 6 simple and practical dressing tips to learn that you can also wear a light mature look. To create a light ripeness, keep these 4 picking tips in mind When choosing a coat, pay more attention to "style elements" Autumn is coming, I believe that many sisters have also started to prepare for the coat. And want to create light ripe feeling, in the selection of coat, it is necessary to pay more attention to its "style elements", more to choose the obvious style of coat, such as small fragrant wind coat, business suit, pure color small cardigan, windbreaker. The style feeling of these kinds of coat is inclined to light ripe atmosphere, more friendly to 30 years old women, after the upper body will not appear old, also won't have painfully installed tender both look at the feeling, belong to temperament and age consistent single article. When choosing a top, pay more attention to "skin area" Early autumn season, when we choose a coat, we must pay more attention to the "skin area". Although this season, already not quite suit the condole belt unlined upper garment that shows skin area too big, jacket, but unfavorable also choose to keep out oneself too tight solid. Suggest everyone to choose the jacket that can show clavicle line more, for instance V collar jacket, show a bit shoulder and clavicle skin slightly, can line whole to wear not only more delicate, still can give a person a kind of intellectual and delicate light mature lasting appeal. Choose half skirt, pay more attention to "design sense" Autumn is still the season of dresses, but for women around 30, skirts are obviously not particularly suitable for themselves. But gentle but formal half skirt became the best choice, and choose half skirt, pay attention to is actually "design feeling". For example, the slit skirt of blogger Pick in the picture below, with a slit design, looks tall but also has a little sexy. Or it is this broken flower half skirt, the design of fish tail, the element of broken flower, the fabrics that hang down, everywhere is not revealing advanced temperament. Choose pants, pay attention to "space allowance" Finally, pants are a wardrobe staple. Want to build light ripe feeling, like tight pants this kind of too slim pants do not choose casually, it will expose their legs and buttocks shortcomings, more will appear tacky. Sisters can pick more pants with a certain "space margin", such as cigarette hose pants, wide-leg pants, straight pants, it can well hide the lower body fat, lean up, but also give a person a sense of free and easy, just in line with the style elements of light ripe wind. Learn these 3 collocation small skill, make light ripe temperament more easily Collocation skills ① : shirt + half skirt + high heels This kind of collocation suits female of duty field most, the ability of the shirt and half skirt are downy collision together, won't resemble traditional professional outfit in that way too rigid, won't let a person feel again "good bully". This season, shirt + skirt collocation, should pay more attention to the waist line and color. Tuck the hem of a shirt into a high-waisted skirt to create a "high-waisted line" that not only makes the look cleaner, but also shows off the height and length of your legs. In terms of color matching, I recommend picking the "complicated and simple" color matching method, firstly, because this kind of color matching can make the whole outfit more interesting, and secondly, because of the more complex elements of color, it can better express the taste of light mature woman. A contracted white shirt, a broken flower skirt, deserve to go up again a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes, advanced temperament arises spontaneously. Instead, wear a pair of heels in the same color as your top to make the outfit look more coordinated. Collocation skills ② : shirt + pants + high heels Of course, if you're going to a more formal event, wear pants with your shirt. Here I recommend you to try more of the nine - cent style of pipe pants and straight pants, with a shirt and elegant. In addition, in this group collocation, we still want to pay more attention to the waist line problem. But in order to avoid modelling too inflexible, everybody can match again a few small deserve to act the role of to serve as ornament, for instance silk scarf, bag, can enrich modelling colour already, can increase delicate feeling again, why not! For date or everyday wear, you can wear wide-legged pants with your shirt. Wide-leg pants are more casual and less distant than pipe pants and straight-leg pants. In addition, the hidden meat of wide-leg trousers shows a thin function, which can not be missed in autumn and winter season absolutely! Collocation skills ③ : one-piece clothing + high heels If the difficulty of mixing and matching is too high, you can directly choose a one-piece clothing at this time, saving the trouble of matching up and down. At this time, the key point to wear depends on the selection of clothing and shoe collocation. The selection of this kind of clothing is relatively simple, as long as the color is not too bright, version too loose style can be chosen. In addition, we can also add corresponding elements, such as floral dress, small and fresh after the dress. The collocation of shoes, the first choice of pointed high heels, pointed and high heel design, can help clothing extend the calf line, high effect is very good. At the same time, the temperament highlighted by the pointed heels can digest the single boring one-piece clothing, so that the shape is not too monotonous.Read more at:plus size formal dresses australia | formal dresses in australia



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